The Lodge Room

The Master of Ceremonies, Roger Thomas, Worshipful Master in 1978

Senior Warden and soon to be installed as Worshipful Master, Jim Boaz

March In of the Past Masters

Introducing the Installing Master, Deputy Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother J. Michael Atchley

Installing Chaplain, Worshipful Brother Les Erdman

Installing Marshall, Worshipful Brother Jerry Taylor

The Tyler, Brother Tom Royce

Junior Stewart, Keith Cobb and Senior Stewart, Jim Moore

Junior Deacon, Brother Melvin Dilts

Marshall, Brother Scott Haines

Chaplain, Worshipful Brother Ben Pronneke

Secretary, Worshipful Brother Dutch Steenbakker

Treasurer, Brother Andy Kunsberg

Junior Warden, Brother Kris Settlemeyer

Senior Warden, Brother Rob Settlemeyer

Worshipful Master, Brother Jim Boaz

The Proclomation

Passing the Gavel

The Acceptance Speech

Mason of the Year, 2014, Secretary, Worshipful Brother Dutch Steenbakker

Robert Boaz performed his duties beautifully

The receiving line

Cake, Pie, and Ice Cream

A Presentation

I got my pig back!